FYC Training Vacancies

Our club training facilities are set up to train our club members, therefore if you are not a member and are interested in our courses you will have to join as a member. Details of how to do this are on the Club tag above.

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New member - no experience or feeling very rusty

We run a combined RYA level 1 & 2 course (and youth equivalent) aiming to take a total novice or better to sailing solo in benign conditions in four 4 hour sessions. If further sessions are required after this, you can look at the options below. Those committing to a full course will have booking priority. The trainees will start in a dinghy with an instructor, thus this limits the number of students we can accommodate at any one time.

New member with prior experience of sailing and needing to brush up on some of the above skills.

We may have spare capacity on some of our training courses that you could join in on on a day by day basis. Sessions are at least 3 hours long. These spaces may be announced at short notice via the club email. You could piece together the necessary learning time on dates that suit you.

We can award the RYA lvl 2 certificate once you achieve the required standard.

New member with prior experience of sailing and not wanting any training

We would like you demonstrate the following skills in order to take a club boat out on your own in fine conditions:

  • Rig and derig the dinghy on your own
  • Sail smartly around a triangular course, tacking and gybing
  • Initiate a capsize and then recover the boat
  • Land on the beach without grounding.

This demonstrates that you are roughly competent to RYA Lvl 2 standard although no certificate will be awarded. 

Please contact the safety boat crew on a funsail day indicating that you wish to make a demonstration, if they are satisfied you may continue.

Post RYA LVL 2 - race training / improving skills

We have a RYA Race Coach as part of the team who will be running sessions aimed at improving sailing skills, refining techniques for more confident boat handling and better speed. (The coach will be teaching from a rescue boat and the sailors will be on their own in their boats). The club will be covering the expenses and so there is no charge to the members for these sessions.

Powerboat Training

Check club communcations for upcoming training opportunities.

RYA Marine Radio Short Range Certificate Course (aka VHF Radio Courses)

If you wish to take the Radio course then get in touch - we will note your interest and look at arranging some courses when there are sufficient numbers. Radio licenses are really a good idea for those in charge of the safety boat.


For all costs please contact the Laura Hyndman (Training Centre Principle)