Yacht Courses

Courses will be displayed on a board on the safety boat. The course may also be repeated on VHF CH8.

Yacht courses use the permanent FYC marks and another mark optionally laid on the day. 

The start and finish lines will be between two marks laid on the day and generally used for the dinghy start/ finish line if also racing.

The course letters if displayed in capitals will mean “leave that mark to port”, if in lower case, “leave to starboard”. At the beginning and end of the sequence, yachts will pass through the start / finish line and unless signalled to stop by the Committee Boat showing the "S" flag, start another lap.

The course may also be laid in the same manner as the dinghy courses.

Rockville (R,r) - the old “west” mark

East         (E,e) - no change from previous instructions

North      (N,n) - the new further out North Mark

Inner        (I, i) - the previous “north” mark, repositioned slightly to the east

Dropped  (D,d) - a mark laid on the day


Updated Mark positions

Inner 55° 57’.467 N   3° 4’.378 W
East 55° 57'.157 N    3° 3'.549 W
Rockville   55° 57'.221 N  3° 5'.308 W
North 55° 58’.055 N    3° 4’.351 W





For example, If E, N, d, R, D is displayed on the RIB, this would mean leave East Mark to port, then North Mark to port, Dropped Mark to starboard, Rockville Mark to port, back to the Dropped Mark, this time leaving it to port and through the Start Line.



Above: “E, N, d, R, D”