Dinghy Early Bird 

Winner – Mark McClelland

Silverhorn – Eric parks

Greenhorn – Erin Forster

(The early bird results we not added into the club championship this year as covid regulations were stopping everyone from competing.)

Dinghy Spring Series

Winner – Elliot Hurst

Silverhorn – Alison Holstead

Greenhorn- Erin Forster 

Dinghy Summer Series

Winner  - Mark McClelland

Silverhorn – Thoren Ferguson

Greenhorn – Graeme MacGregor

Dinghy Regatta

1st - Elliot Hurst

2nd - Colin & Stephanie Robertson

3rd - Ben Saunders

Silverhorn - Alan Thomson & Linda Sheridan

Greenhorn - Will Wong

The overall Dinghy Championship will be announced at the end of the season.


Spring Series 

David Banks  Swirley

Early Summer Series

Paul Hay, Thoren Ferguson  Firecracker

Late Summer Series

David Banks Swirley

Autumn Series

Mark McClelland  Rebel Rebel

Overall Championship

1st  - David Banks Swirley

2nd - Mark McClelland Rebel Rebel 

3rd - Dennis Walton Sulumar

Riding Of The Marches  

Dennis Walton  Sulumar


1st - David Banks  Swirley

2nd - Stuart MacDonald Deantoun

3rd -  Dennis Walton  Sulumar

Inchmickery Log 

Stuart MacDonald Deantoun

MacMillan Charity Barometer 

David Banks 

A Guid Trier  

Graeme Macgregor

The Speedboat  

Atholl Sherriffs and Trevor Mackay 

The Golden Duck

Trevor Mackay