Berth availability and yachts for sale at Fisherrow


Fisherrow is a busy little harbour full of boats, we often get enquiries about how to get a berth there, berthing is managed by the council, not the yacht club. (Harbour charges are listed here.) Unfortunately despite asking for the information many times, the council manager refuses to publish a list of available berths or waiting lists. We are still hoping that this will change.


All we want is to get folk sailing, we would love to welcome some new yacht members to our small and friendly club and community. So as a temporary measure we would like to make an unofficial announcement that there are several yachts currently for sale in the harbour. Berths cannot be bought or sold, but the scuttlebutt rumours are that the owners won’t be buying new yachts once these are sold and therefore some berths are likely to become available. These include berths in the front rank for the longest yachts and middle rank for the 26 ish footers, there are already berths free for smaller boats.


So if you are wanting to come to Fisherrow this is advance warning to get your ducks in a row and contact the harbour master (he tends to be in his office weekday mornings, look for a green Skoda Yeti parked across the two handicap parking spaces.)


For sale are 2 Colvic Countess 28 bilge keel cruisers, Mayflower owned by harbour master Alex Stewart and Fearnought. There is another Countess 28 in the harbour, Countess Linda, which is a very successful club racer at FYC and won the Granton to Orkney race last time out. Potential for class racing!!!


Also for sale is the much admired Arty Miss, a Hunter Channel 31.

This capable yacht has been as far as St Kilda in recent seasons, a very comfortable cruiser and a great racer.

As a side note, if you are looking for a small racer, the old 50:50, now called Aqua Vitae is for sale at Limekilns, this boat was unbeatable for a few seasons. It’s only 22 ft, bilge keel so good for drying out in Fisherrow and there are berths available now for that size of yacht. You could sail it home in an afternoon!