Lovely conditions made for a sparkling Riding Of The Marches Fun Race, the sea was totally flat but there was still a nice breeze gusting in over the town from the South. Watching from the harbour wall I could see each boat pick up her skirts and accelerate as the pockets of wind reached them.


Town Champion, Neil Wilson with the new cup.

2016 Town Champion, Neil Wilson with the new Riding Of The Marches Dinghy Trophy and medal.

We had a good turnout for the yacht racing including a competitive debut for David Banks in the newly purchased Westerly Griffon, "Remedy" and a welcome return to the ranks for the Kinsman, "Wee Mo". We had extended the invitation to compete to all yachts berthed in the harbour and two took us up on our offer to sail their first ever race. "White Wind", a Colvic Sailor 26, displayed some good bursts of speed under her brand new sails but in their excitement, nearly missed the West mark and had to go back, placing them last overall; the other newbie, the Westerly Warwick "Scarab", an ex FYC boat, delighted her new owner by placing fourth.

The might of "Countess Linda" under David Wilkie and his sons, Dan and James was not to be denied despite the conditions being perhaps on the light side for her and he topped the podium from Remedy in second and Sulumar in third. The Riding Of the Marches happens every 21 years and the yacht trophy dates back to the last celebrations in 1995, a beautiful, large Quaich bowl which the winner, Mr Wilkie had filled with whisky and passed around, ensuring an instant party atmosphere in the bar afterwards.

To mark these celebrations, the Riding Of the Marches committee had sponsored a brand new trophy to be presented to the dinghies who also had a great turnout (considering so many of the club racers are on their summer holidays at the moment). Worthy mentions go to Eoin McDunphy in a club Pico and Suzanne and Iain in their Lark, "Little Ritchie" racing for the first time, also worthy of praise is Neil Johnston and Sue Light who had great sails, coming third and fourth respectively. But the new cup was awarded to Carol & Tim Jones in their RS200.


The results can be seen here:

Yacht results

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