Handicaps (2015)

Handicap allocaction has been revised for 2015 (cf last year's) so that yacht handicaps, many of which are not well determined by the RYA or FYCA, can roll from race to race and so produce closer racing. A rolling handicap scheme for dinghies was also considered, as were personal handicaps, but not taken up.


  • Yacht handicaps will roll from race to race using the RYA NHC scheme (National Handicap for Cruisers). Initial handicaps at the start of the season will be the final handicaps at the end of the previous season. The Time Corrections Factor used by the NHC scheme is related to the handicap by:

TCF = 1000/handicap

  • A yacht that has not raced before at FYC will be given a TCF derived from the FYCA handicap if this is available - otherwise it will use the RYA’s NHC initial TCF, if available. Where no handicap is available, the Sailing Committee will allocate a trial number.
  • If it becomes apparent that the rolling handicap procedure is not producing fair results, the Sailing Committee may adjust the procedure for races that have not yet taken place.
  • Open events such as regattas will use FYCA handicaps or as otherwise specified in the relevant sailing instructions.


  • Dinghies will use the RYA's Portsmouth Yardstick Scheme with the following variations:
    • Laser Fun - does not have an agreed handicap. We have provisionally given it the same handicap as a standard Laser as is sometimes done elsewhere.
    • Topper Topaz  Magno - in the absence of an RYA handicap, the manufacturer's handicap recommendation of 1175 is used.
    • Byte - without the CII mast and race sail, assumed for the standard RYA handicap, we use  a PY of  1190.
  • Two-handers - class rules for  generally do not allow them to be sailed single handed, although some clubs allow this in certain circumstances with a handicap penalty. If a skipper cannot find a crew, we currently allow single-handed sailing in closed events with no handicap penalty on the understanding that skippers do not take advantage of this concession, e.g. by sailing-single handed in light winds.
  • If no handicap is available the Sailing Committee will allocate a trial number.
  • Open events such as regattas will use RYA handicaps or as otherwise specified in the relevant sailing instructions.

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