Dear All FYC RIB Drivers,




Over the last few weeks, the cover for the RIB has blown off a couple of times. Appreciating it’s a bit tricky to fit the cover, here are some tips to follow, to ensure we don’t lose the cover for good. Even in strong winds, when it’s fitted securely, it does stay put. I know it’s a bit of a hassle to fit but it provides essential UV protection to the tubes, extending the life of an expensive boat and also provides a visual deterrent to marine theft.


1)    Firstly, place the white hard plastic mooring buoy in the boat so the boat doesn’t sit on it as the tide goes out.


2)    Start in the boat at the bow, Place the cover over the bow horn then roll out over the boat, over the sides, then the engine. Leave one stern corner bare then step from this into the tender.


3)    Go round the boat in the tender, ensuring the cover tensioning rope is under the RIB bumper strip all the way round. You can hold the cover rope and feed yourself round, rather than paddle.


4)    At the stern, place the strap under the engine and tension the strap. Give it as hard a tug as you can! The tubes at the stern should bend in by at least 1 inch each depending on the tube pressure. To help get some leverage, move the tender round to the starboard side of the rib as shown below, to provide a bracing point to push against. Personally I hold the strap, push the tender towards the starboard side of the RIB and use the momentum of the tender to give the strap a good tug as the tender stops and then returns to the engine area. That particular manoeuvre was a bit difficult to photograph :)


5)    Tie the strap to the prop guard. If all else fails, at least the cover won’t go far.


6)    Fold the flap of the cover over the prop guard.


7)    Paddle round the rib as you leave to check that the tensioning rope is below the bumper all the way round. Even if it’s a bit squint as shown below, as long as the tensioning rope is below the bumper, it should stay put.



Many thanks for your ongoing support, providing essential safety cover to club members.


Best Regards,



22 May 2013